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Introducing... HubDoc - an amazing free tool for Xero users

At Price Accounting, we are passionate about saving business owners and their finance teams time spent on admin.

Hubdoc is a great tool which extracts key information from invoices, receipts and bills. With integrations with Xero and QuickBooks, the data can be exported into your cloud accounting system, saving hours of manual input, prone to error.

Hubdoc is free of charge for Xero users, which is remarkable value for an app which ordinarily costs £10 per month and can save hours of manual input, increase accuracy and reduce paperwork. In fact, for users of QuickBooks who would pay the monthly fee, it is still a worthwhile investment based on those factors.

Snap a photo of your document using the app on your phone, forward email attachments or upload to your desktop. See Hubdoc work its magic as paperwork is read and key details are extracted. For your online accounts, search the countless suppliers the app works with, add your account details, and sit back as Hubdoc pulls in bills automatically

Documents are organised and secure, meaning a clear audit trail of documents should the taxman seek evidence. Embrace a paperless office, safe in the knowledge that documents are accessible on demand.

For a free demo, get in touch - we'd love to see how much time it can save you!

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