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Sustainable and successful accounting that works with you for your business

Our proactive approach means we will always be thinking of ideas
to help you grow, pay less tax, and reduce the admin

In this digital age, we are proud to celebrate our flexible and innovative approach to accounting - gone are the days of paper-heavy, distant accounting that only takes place for end of year reports. Our approach is proactive, forward-thinking, and reflective of this digital age.

Taking care of compliance is the minimum you would expect from an accountant; providing accurate and on-time reporting is just not enough - you need a partner who will help you succeed and will support you through all the challenges your business will face.

At Price Accounting we are as vested in your business success as you are, with a focus on cloud technology, building meaningful relationships and providing hands-on, regular support.

Services: Services
Discussing the Numbers


Accounts are vital for a successful business, not only to keep on the right side of HMRC but also to track performance and plan for the future. We will work closely with you to help you understand your accounts and keep our finger on the pulse to manage your finance function on a monthly and quarterly basis. This is a great way to be reactive to changes and proactive to opportunities.

Our reports are jargon-free to help you make sense of your numbers. We won’t just produce numbers, we will present them and explain what the figures mean to your business. It’s important for you to have clarity on how you are performing against your business objectives.

We always want to work in partnership with you and provide a hands-on approach to our services, so these reports can be discussed on-site, over a coffee or lunch, or of course, we can set up a virtual meeting.

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It is our goal to make sure you are tax efficient from day one. We know that tax is a complicated topic, but our experience and expertise will help make things clearer for you.

Corporation Tax is a levy on the profits of a company. With our help, you will know your liability well in advance, and feel assured that all opportunities such as maximising expenses, tax-efficient remuneration and Research & Development relief are utilised.

For individuals, the self-assessment tax return includes all income earned, be it from business profits, dividends, salary or property income. Tax law is complex, so our expertise guides you in ensuring you remain compliant, whilst ensuring that not a penny more tax is paid than obligated.

VAT is a notoriously complicated tax, but our knowledge will help you keep on top of the returns.

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Bookkeeping, Payroll and Software

Harness the power of cloud accounting and our expertise using the very best of modern technology.

We are experienced and accredited users of Xero, QuickBooks and FreeAgent. We use countless apps to integrate invoicing, stock management, business planning and more.

We craft a integreted system for your accounts function and give you the training and support to make it work for you.

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At every touchpoint and stage of your business, we will always endeavour to add value. Drawing on our broad experience and vast knowledge we have and will continue to help business with all manner of issues. From regaining order and organisation after a challenging spell in business to analysing performance to date and planning for the future. 

We are committed to working alongside businesses at all stages of their life cycle on business plans, forecasts, and structuring your finance team. All crucial tasks to ensure you are ready to succeed and to make your life as a business owner as prosperous and enjoyable as possible!

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