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Price Accounting partnership with Fluidly delivers leading cashflow tool for clients

We’re thrilled to announce Price Accounting has started working with Fluidly, an industry-leading cashflow management tool, which you can use to build a 90 day cashflow forecast, manage your credit control and access various types of funding products free of charge through us. There is also an option to upgrade to Fluidly Standard at a discount, where you will get a 12 month cashflow forecast.

What is Fluidly?

Fluidly’s mission is to help small businesses sleep better at night by automatically generating a 90-day cashflow forecast, which you can edit so you can anticipate what's coming ahead. It also helps you prioritise which invoices to chase and identify bad payers and plan scenarios, such as taking staff members back from furlough, or repaying a bounceback loan. Fluidly can also help you to access funding products, from multiple lenders such as CBILS, term loans and asset finance.

How does it work?

For users of Xero and QuickBooks, we’ve connected your accounting software to Fluidly. It uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns in your historical accounting data and generate a 90-day cashflow forecast and match you to relevant funding products. From paying your next VAT bill to planning for changes in the business Fluidly makes it easy to look further ahead.

What next?

Existing clients can look forward to a personalised introduction to the software. If you're not a client of Price Accounting, but would like to hear more, get in touch.

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